Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moving to bigger (space) and better things (full time job)

Last week my husband and I made a very brief trip to Midland, MI so Scott, my husband, could meet potential co-workers, etc at DOW Chemical. They offered him the job before we left town! HALLELUJAH!! So, we're working on subletting our Chicago, 1 bedroom apartment, packing up this space and driving the 333 miles to our new, larger and cheaper 2 bedroom apartment in Michigan.

That being said, I will be taking a temporary vacation from this blog until I'm done moving. I should be back just before the 1st of April :) I will come back with a multitude of entertaining pics from us moving a few states away!!!

I will miss you...but I WILL be back :)

PS I'm pretty excited that I will be only 1.5 hours away from Ann Arbor, home of the Wolverines and the BEST college football in America! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Could Spring Be Early??

I am a person who LOVES sunshine, the smell of freshly cut green grass, budding trees, blossoming flowers and little bunnies hopping in the yard! Unfortunately, living in Chicago, the amount of time that these things happen is little. I hibernate in the winter, go outside only when necessary and enjoy the heat of my bed and blankets awaiting the warm sun to return.

So...has this warm sun returned or is it teasing us? It has been in the mid 40s-5os this whole weekend...and is supposed to continue through the entire week. This would be the first time in a few years that I have come across a very mild winter AND an early and most inviting spring!

In honor of my love for sunshine, spring...and soon to be summer, here are a few of my SPRING themed items I have found on Etsy! Make sure to check them out as well as other items by these artists!!!


I hope you enjoyed these few SPRING TREATS!! I'm off to Midland, MI now: my husband is having an in-person interview/meet and greet and mostly getting offere FULL TIME work :)