Monday, April 12, 2010

Going to the chapel...

I love weddings...what they symbolize...the decor...the atmosphere. They are beautiful. Now that we're in wedding season I found it very appropriate to showcase a few of my 'wedding themed' favorites on Etsy. I am currently making invitations for my best friend's wedding and will be doing the invitations for my brother's wedding as well. So, since weddings are on my mind, I thought I'd share it with you!


Make sure to check out these great shops on Etsy as well as many others for a unique, one of a kind wedding!

I love a good sale.

This week Michael's has 50% off all of their scrapbook storage. Of course, I went on Sunday and picked up a few items. I will be going back this weekend after payday! I purchased 2 white cubes made to store 12x12 paper as well as small containers to store small embellishments such as flowers, eyelets, etc. Today, Joann had 60% off their brand of scrapbook embellishments and accessories. wow! I stocked up on some items I know I'll be needing in the near future.

Tonight I stopped by our local thrift shop and picked up a couple white wire shelving units for $3/each and and a small cube shelf unit for $4. I love finding a few good deals!!!

As soon as this new office/scrapbook room is functional, I'll be sure to post pictures of my workspace. For now, I'm working on the floor in the living room!! How fun.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have arrived!!

It has been awhile since I have posted. Our move from Chicago to small town America in Michigan went well. We are really enjoying ourselves here and the husband is loving his new job! I, personally, am loving having an office!!

I have yet to really unpack my workspace yet but I've started to organize everything. I figure it's best to start the room out right!!! It's going to be amazing! I will post pics as soon as the room is no longer scary me you could have nightmares!

During the week of our big move I did have 4 sales!! Thank you so much for that! It was awesome...and I can say, the local post office here is much better than any I ever came across in Chicago! YAY!

I have created 2 more albums since moving to Michigan...graduation and father's day themed! Check them out: