Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mini Vaca

My husband, Scott, and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on June 20th. However, my husband had received free passes to the Profusion Video Expo in Toronto, that happened to be the same weekend as our anniversary. I was not about to spend our first anniversary in separate countries, so I tagged along. He spend Friday and Saturday in workshops all day and I spent them in downtown Toronto being a tourist! I thought I'd share a *few* images I have from the weekend! Enjoy!

A side note: In Oct. '08 my husband and I were able to take a weekend trip to London, England, in June '09 we went to the Domincan Republic for our honeymoon, and then this year we went to Toronto, Canada. We figured we need to find somewhere *cheap* to go next year (we are fresh college grads...ouch.). We are crossing our fingers that our tax refund is just as good, if not better, than this past one. If so, we plan on going to Copenhagen, Demark and take a day trip to Malmo, Sweden!

Anyone been to Denmark or Sweden? Where was your favorite international vacation to? Where would you LOVE to go more than anywhere else in the world?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Lovely Treasury to Share

I have recently become addicted to making treasuries on Etsy ever since they've made them more available. I especially enjoy making them when I work 4pm-12am on Sunday nights!!!

Check out my most recent one! Please comment and click each image!

Orange 'n' Teal

All Around The World

I am going to start featuring artists from all around the world on my blog. Every month will be a different country and I will feature 8 artists from those respective countries each month!! Being in America, I don't get to travel to many other countries as often as I'd like due to cost of transit and such...Etsy is a great way to still enjoy goods from another country AND support the locals!

July: England
August: Canada
September: Australia
October: Brazil
November: Germany
December: Italy

Do you sell on Etsy and live in one of those countries? Contact me, send me a short paragraph letting me know who you are, what you sell on etsy and why you'd love to be featured. Also, please follow the blog to keep up to date on other random features that may take place as well as possible give aways, etc.

contact me: saranicoledesigns@gmail.com

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Etsy Favorites!

I want to try and feature amazing Etsy artists once a week! Interested in being featured? Feel free to contact me!!!!

Onto some of my favorite Etsy items:


Definately check out the other items that these great sellers have in their shop! Interested in seeing what else I like?? Check out my Etsy Favorites!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh Canada!

I have decided to add more of my personal life into this blog along with my craft allowing you to get to know me better!!

In two weeks my husband, Scott, and I will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary! Woo hoo! That weekend there is a film/lighting expo in Toronto, ON that we are going to. Well, he is going to and I'm tagging along to be a tourist! I booked a hotel room for us using Priceline's name your own price, got a great deal at $50/night. I called the hotel and found out that we were put in a smoking room and were unable to move us. Not good. I called Priceline and they canceled/refunded our money without hesitation. I then was able to book at another hotel that is 100% smoke free and get us a room with a fridge, micro and free hot breakfast every morning for $59.25/night! Not bad! I'm pretty excited to spend the weekend in Toronto. I hope to check out as many of the museums as I possibly can...being an Art history student, it's a must. I also can't wait to see, study and photograph some amazing architecture!

Anyone been to Toronto? Have any tips?