Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moving to bigger (space) and better things (full time job)

Last week my husband and I made a very brief trip to Midland, MI so Scott, my husband, could meet potential co-workers, etc at DOW Chemical. They offered him the job before we left town! HALLELUJAH!! So, we're working on subletting our Chicago, 1 bedroom apartment, packing up this space and driving the 333 miles to our new, larger and cheaper 2 bedroom apartment in Michigan.

That being said, I will be taking a temporary vacation from this blog until I'm done moving. I should be back just before the 1st of April :) I will come back with a multitude of entertaining pics from us moving a few states away!!!

I will miss you...but I WILL be back :)

PS I'm pretty excited that I will be only 1.5 hours away from Ann Arbor, home of the Wolverines and the BEST college football in America! :)

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