Monday, July 12, 2010

Max and Molly's Designs: The Dog House - The U.K.

I would like to introduce you to my third UK featured Etsy artist here on my blog: TheDogHouse. She makes clothing, dog bandannas, bags, stationery and so much more. Her inspiration? Her rescued greyhounds! How awesome is that?! Even better, she donates 5% of her profits to Gracehounds, a Midlothian based charity. Founded in 2007 & run entirely by volunteers, this charity is dedicated to finding permanent homes & a better life for greyhounds.

Here is a brief interview with the artist:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh with my fiancé & 2 rescue greyhounds. When I'm not getting creative with ink & screens, I operate my own dog walking business, spending my days outdoors in the wonderful Scottish countryside in the company of my favourite animals!

What is something that makes you and where you come from stand out?

People travel from all over the world to experience Scotland's amazing scenery & culture & I feel privileged to have it right on my doorstep!

What is it that you create?
I create & hand screenprint my designs onto ethically sourced clothing, homewares & accessories. My designs are inspired by my own dogs, Max & Molly, as well as greyhound rescue in general, & (hopefully!) convey what wonderful pets these animals make. I sell my products under the name Max and Molly Designs in my online shops & as well as at local craft fairs & events.

What inspired you to start creating?

It was just after we adopted our second greyhound, Molly, from our local greyhound re-homing charity, Gracehounds, that I started creating my designs. I found the sleek silhouettes & graceful (& at times not so graceful!) poses that greyhounds adopt made striking prints.

What is your most favorite item you have created?

My favourite design is my 'Chasing squirrels' one, which I have printed onto tea towels, tote bags, T-shirts & lots of doggy bandannas! It features a hand printed image of a squirrel & the caption 'Squirrel Patrol'. The image is derived from a photograph of a squirrel in my Mum-in-law's garden in Lancashire, England. (We don't get to see many squirrels in our own garden on account of our 2 greyhounds who are on constant patrol for any small furry critters!) I love this design because I think all dog owners can identify with it to some extent, not just those with sighthounds!

Any inspirations you would like to mention?

My passion for greyhound rescue is what inspires me to keep creating. Bred in large numbers for racing, greyhounds are often abandoned or destroyed after their short running careers, & yet these gentle & beautiful dogs make wonderful pets. I hope to spread the word about greyhound adoption through my products & also donate a portion of my profits to our local greyhound re-homing charity, Gracehounds.

Please share with us any blunders you have encountered as a seller, if any, and how you resolved the issue.
I don't think(!) I've made any major blunders as a seller. When I first started selling online I think I undervalued my own work & failed to take into account listing / transaction / Paypal fees & the time that goes into each product when I priced my items. It does take time to get the balance right though.

Any tips or advice you would like to share with the readers? Find something you are passionate about & create that - if YOU don't love your products then how can you expect anyone else to?

I just love her shop! Maybe I'm biased because I am a greyhound fan! Every time I'd fly in/out of O'hare airport in Chicago I'd see all the advertisements to rescue one and have fallen in love. I would LOVE to rescue one someday when I own a home or at least have a legit backyard!

Make sure to check out her shop and all the lovely items she has for sale!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog Sara! & I hope some day you are able to adopt your own greyhound - they truly do make the most wonderful pets ;-)

  2. thanks Sara for this wonderful interveiw of Jane! I've had the pleasure of meeting Jane and her muses and I love Jane's dedication and enthusiasm for greyhounds :)
    great to hear the airport has rescue adverts!! may you meet your furry heart soon!

  3. Thank you guys! Greyhounds are adorable and I've heard nothing but great things about them! :)