Monday, July 5, 2010

MrsGibson - The UK

For my first featured UK Etsy Artist, I would like to introduce you to MrsGibson. She has been a seller on Etsy now for over 2 years and has such a lovely shop featuring "Delicious handmade accessories, button bracelets, silver jewellery and vintage curiosities."

Here is a brief interview:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Sam Gibson and I design and make jewelery under the name 'Mrs Gibson' from my Northamptonshire home in the UK. I have just turned 40 but still feel like an excited 20 something. I have a fabulously supportive family and two sons who are very proud that I make a living from my passion. I can't really imagine doing anything else and feel very lucky that I am 'living the dream'.

What is something that makes you and where you come from stand out?

I have a good eye for vintage trinkets, treasures and colour, luckily there are many old shops and flea markets where I live to indulge my passion for antiquing.

What is it that you create?

I create one of a kind jewelery pieces and handcrafted handbags. I do have a range of fun button jewelery which is ever popular and also sell my hand stitched illustrated art.

What inspired you to start creating?

I have always made things. Since I was very small I drew a lot, cooked and sewed. I had my first sewing machine when I was about 6, I don't remember a time when I didn't have something creative on the boil, when I take time off work I usually end up spending it making other stuff. Inspiration to continue creating comes from all around me, film, books, where I live, the fields and countryside that I see everyday. I love history, the Victorians, Edwardians and family tales of eccentric ancestors.

What is your most favorite item you have created?

See listing here.

See listing here.

I love the silver spoon charm necklaces I have made, I like combining lovely old objects with shiny crystals and old glass buttons. Also anything with pearls, I absolutely adore pearls and love working with them.

Any inspirations you would like to mention?

I love the potter Grayson Perry and artist Tracey Emin, looking at their work always gets me fired up. Day trips to galleries are very important to me as are walks around the town where I live and surrounding villages.Glossy magazines are great for trend news and lovely photographs to pour over.

Please share with us any blunders you have encountered as a seller, if any, and how you resolved the issue.

I have never encountered any real blunders, I make sure my descriptions and pictures are clear and concise, this will avoid most problems. Also outlining your policies, terms and conditions helps the customer make an informed purchase. I have only had one parcel go missing and one turn up opened and slightly damaged. I sent the customer another item and replaced the missing item. It's just good customer service. Make sure you have a little money put aside to cover any eventuality. Also never over reach yourself only promise what you know you can deliver.

Any tips or advice you would like to share with the readers?

I would say to anyone who wants to make a living from crafting to give it a go. Research your market, know you customer. Listen to advise from people with experience but trust in what you know. Make what you love. Don't under sell yourself, I think underpricing is a terrible thing, it devalues your own work and the craft movement as a whole. Have pride in your work and strive to keep being original and developing your talents.

I hope you all love her store and pieces just as much as I do! Go over to her shop (here) and make sure to check out everything!

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